Trump Advisors Larry Kudlow And Stephen Moore Caught On Tape Slamming Trump

Two of President Donald Trump’s economic advisers, Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore, trashed Trump’s immigration policies in a 2015 radio interview, reports CNN.

Moore, Trump’s current nominee to the Federal Reserve, said “I think it’s a crazy policy, I think it’s bad economics. I think it’s even worse politics.”

Kudlow added: “Shocked a lot of people. You know, going house to house and deporting illegals, repealing the 14th Amendment. The Republican Party is very much against what Trump wants.”

Kudlow now tells CNN’s Christine Roman that he never should have made those comments, calling it ‘speculative radio chatter that turned out to be wildly inaccurate.”

Romans said that Moore “no longer supports going back to the gold standard he once did and told KFile he no longer wants to abolish the Fed.”

(Source: CNN)

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