Trump Admits His Tax Plan Will Benefit Him After Months Of Denials

President Donald Trump finally admitted that his tax plan would benefit himself after multiple denials.

As recently as September, Trump falsely claimed his tax plan would not be good for the wealthy and well-connected, and added, “It’s not good for me, believe me” (video below).

Trump contradicted himself during an interview with Forbes:

Well, what I say is that the, this whole concept, everybody benefits if the country does well. We all do. You guys benefit. Everybody benefits if the country does well.

Trump later said that his desire to lower the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent would actually help “poor people” who “own” corporations:

You see, you have to understand, if what I do is good for the middle class, that’s also good for me, and then if I do what’s good for the upper class, that’s good for me. Don’t forget — the companies that we’re talking about — many people own some of these companies. And sometimes wealthy people own them, and sometimes poor people own them. But when we make life and business better for companies, that’s a great thing for everybody, including me.

Trump also parroted the decades-old Republican lie that a tax cut bill for the wealthy was a  “jobs bill” for the middle class and poor:

And I ask them, and I tell them, most important, this is a jobs bill. This is a jobs tax cut and reform. It’s a tax cut. It’s a massive tax cut.

Trump also made a false claim about President Obama’s record:

So GDP last quarter was 3.1%. Most of the folks that are in your business, and elsewhere, were saying that would not be hit for a long time. You know, Obama never hit the number.

Forbes noted: “He hit 3%. He hit three a couple quarters.”

Trump failed to mention that he is still operating under President Obama’s economic policies. Trump has never passed a budget.

(Sources: Forbes, CNN via YouTube, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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