Trump Admin Sends 1,600 Immigrant Kids To Texas Tent City, Detained Children Hits Record High 13,000

The New York Times reports that the Trump administration has moved about 1,600 migrant children to a barren tent city in West Texas because shelters that imprison the children have been overflowing.

The kids in the tent city reportedly not receive schooling and have limited access to legal representation, a possible violation of U.S. law.

Democracy Now notes the Trump administration is now imprisoning a record 13,000 immigrant children.

Louise Melling, deputy legal director at the ACLU, recalled to Democracy Now how Judge Brett Kavanaugh denied an imprisoned immigrant teen an abortion after she had been raped, a ruling that was overturned:

Judge Kavanaugh issued a decision, yes, that was going to—in the face of ban on Jane Doe’s access to an abortion, that was going to give the government time, shall we say, to continue to look for a sponsor, time that really meant further delay, time that didn’t respect the fact that the government’s obligation is not to bar any of us from having access to abortion.

(Sources: Democracy NowThe New York Times)

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