Trump Admin Bible Study Leader Defends Taking Immigrant Children Away From Parents

Ralph Drollinger, who heads Capitol Ministries and leads weekly Bible studies with members of the Trump administration, defended the Trump policy of snatching children from their parents and imprisoning the kids.

The Capitol Ministries website repeated the Trump administration’s falsehood that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is simply enforcing the law by snatching kids away from parents (even though it is not a law, but rather a policy announced by Sessions in May):

No one, especially my personal friend, the kind-hearted Attorney General Jeff Sessions, desires that a mother or father be separated from their children…

But vocationally speaking, Jeff Sessions is appointed as the chief enforcer of the laws of our country. His job demands that he be true to the laws that Congress has enacted and presidents have signed into law.

Drollinger claims the Old Testament has three classifications “distinguishing various people in ancient Israel,” and then falsely claims: “Every country today follows these same OT distinctions”: 

No government should separate children from their parents who are citizens of the country, herein called countrymen. Nor should the state separate children from their parents who are migrating legally (sojourners). The remaining category listed above are illegal immigrants. Every country today follows these same OT distinctions.

Drollinger then claims that people should expect to have their children taken away from them:

It follows that when someone breaks the law of the land that they should anticipate that one of the consequences of their illegal behavior will be separation from their children.

Drollinger noted that Sessions quoted Romans 13, but failed to mention that the Book of Romans was written by the Apostle Paul who was imprisoned in a Roman jail for “breaking the laws of the land”:

Such is the case with thieves or murderers who are arrested and put in jail. The passage the Attorney General cited, Romans 13, bespeaks of this: there are and there should be serious, known consequences for breaking the laws of the land — otherwise the law becomes toothless and inconsequential and it is no longer a deterrent to harmful behavior, which is what God designed it to be.

Drollinger repeated his desire for immigrant children to be separated from their parents by Sessions:

The context of the Attorney General’s comments is in regard to illegal immigrants only — not citizens or sojourners; in fact, the Attorney General’s comments were informed by these biblical word distinctions. He was speaking only about those who are breaking the law when crossing our borders. He was not speaking about citizens or sojourners.

Every person who is thinking about breaking the law should consider the consequences. In this case, people who are breaking the law will result in their being separated from their children. Such consequences act as a deterrent to crime and curtail illegal immigration.

(Source: Capitol Ministries, NBC News ,Photo Credit: Ralph Drollinger/Twitter)

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