Trump Abused and Mocked Ex-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen For Not Shutting Down the Border: Book

President Donald Trump “abused”, “harassed” and “pestered” former Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen because she warned that shutting down the border would be illegal, according to a new book, “A Very Stable Genius,” by Washington Post journalists Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig (VIDEO BELOW).

The Guardian notes the book claims Trump complained that Nielsen, whom he appointed, did not “look the part” of homeland security secretary:

In some instances, the volatile president was verbally and emotionally abusive toward Nielsen. “Kirstjen, you’re just not tough enough.”

He made fun of her and believed that at about five feet four inches she was not physically intimidating. “She’s so short,” Trump would tell others about Nielsen. She and Kelly would try to make light of it. Kelly would rib her and say, “But you’ve got those little fists of fury!”

The book also recalls that Trump was “red faced” in an “explosive, extended tirade” during a cabinet meeting in May 2018:

Trump concurred and, turning to Nielsen at the far end of the table, asked, “Why haven’t you shut down the border?” It was more of an admonition than a question. Nielsen knew this would be illegal, not to mention economically disastrous because it could choke off trade routes.

“‘I’m not sure what we are saying here,” Nielsen said. “As the attorney general knows, people have a legal right to cross the border and try to claim asylum. That’s just the law.” Trump looked back at Sessions. “No,” Sessions said, “we should just shut the border down.”

Trump was so worked up that some attendees thought he looked manic. Kelly silently shook his head at Nielsen to signal to her to stop engaging with the president. [Jared] Kushner made eye contact with Nielsen and moved his finger across his neck to signal to her to cut it off.

Nielsen resigned amid disagreements with Trump in April 2019, reported CBS News.

(Sources: The Guardian, CBS News/YouTube, Photo Credit: The Washington Post/YouTube)

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