Trump 2020 Campaign Official Tries To Distance The Campaign From Rudy Giuliani Ukraine Trip For Biden Dirt

Trump 2020 campaign’s strategic communications director, Marc Lotter, tried and failed to distance the campaign away Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani who is visiting Ukraine to dig up dirt on a conspiracy theory about former Vice President Joe Biden.

Lotter was asked about Giuliani’s bizarre trip by MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson, and replied:

I can tell you Rudy Giuliani is not doing this on behalf of the campaign. He’s doing it in his capacity as a private citizen… It’s not my role to talk to what a private citizen is doing in this case.

So, again, he’s not doing it on behalf of the campaign … I think one of the things we have to ask ourselves is — the underlying issue at hand is that, was there any kind of undue influence or was there any kind of inappropriate activities that were conducted either in relation to the start of the investigation or in as it related to the Bidens...

I believe if you’re going to have somebody running for President of the United States, if there is the possibility that something inappropriate happened, then it needs to be investigated.

(Source: MSNBC)

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