TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline Spills 210,000 Gallons Of Oil In South Dakota

TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline spilled or 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota despite numerous promises from TransCanada that this would never happen.

The Keystone pipeline transports crude oil from Canada through Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri to refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma.

The pipeline is part of 2,687-mile TransCanada system, which will include the Keystone XL pipeline, which TransCanada promised on its website would  be the “safest pipeline” ever built in North America: 

Safety is the No.-1 priority at TransCanada. Making sure the Keystone XL Pipeline is the safest pipeline built to date in North America is something we take very seriously.

Brian Walsh, an environmental scientist manager at the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, told The Associated Press:

Ultimately, the cleanup responsibility lies with TransCanada, and they’ll have to clean it up in compliance with our state regulations.

In a statement, TransCanada bragged about “safely” closing down its pipeline, which leaked at least 5,000 barrels:

TransCanada (TSX, NYSE: TRP) crews safely shut down its Keystone pipeline at approximately 6 a.m. CST (5 a.m. MST) after a drop in pressure was detected in its operating system resulting from an oil leak that is under investigation.

Sierra Club Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign director Kelly Martin released a statement to The Associated Press:

We’ve always said it’s not a question of whether a pipeline will spill, but when, and today TransCanada is making our case for us.

President Donald Trump approved the Keystone XL Pipeline after President Obama blocked it.

(Sources: TransCanada, The Associated Press, Photo Credit: TransCanada/Twitter)

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