Tomi Lahren Goes On Wild Rant Against Jay-Z For His Trump Comments

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren went on an angry and wild rant against rapper and mogul Jay-Z who told David Letterman on Netflix how President Donald Trump was bringing out an “ugly” side of America” that people thought was gone:

He’s bringing out an ugly side of America that we wanted to believe was gone, and it’s still here, and we still gotta deal with it. And we have to have the conversation, we have to have a tough conversation. We have to talk about the N-word and we have to talk about why white men are so privileged in this country.

Fox News viewers were outraged by Jay-Z’s comments on April 6.

During an appearance on Fox News on April 9, Lahren tore into Jay-Z for his alleged past as a drug dealer, but ignored Trump’s long history of racist and offensive comments about black people, Muslims, Hispanics, POWs, journalists, women, Gold Star families and disabled people.

Lahren went on to credit Trump with an economic recovery even though Trump’s only budget has been in effect for only four  months. Lahren failed to mention that the U.S. was still under President Obama’s economic policy in 2017.

Lahren also attacked Jay-Z for supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016. Lauren falsely claimed that Clinton specifically referred to black young men as “super predators,” and blamed Clinton for her husband’s 1994 crime bill which had bipartisan support:

Jay-Z, it’s pretty ironic that you think Donald Trump is a racist when you campaigned for Hillary Clinton! Remember that? That would be Hillary Clinton, the woman who called young black Americans “super predators.”

The one who stood by Bill when signed the $30 billion crime bill that imposed the death penalty on dozens more crimes and mandated life sentences for three-time offenders… Please, go back to rapping your filthy lyrics and celebrating your drug-dealing resume, and let Donald Trump make America great again for us all!

Lahren failed to mention that Trump himself wants more Draconian crime measures, such as executing drug dealers, reported Axios.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Axios)




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