Three Of Trump’s Accusers Recall Sexual Harassment, Assault

Three of the women who accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault in 2016 told NBC host Megyn Kelly horrifying details about their alleged experiences with the president (video below).

Former Miss USA contestant Samantha Holvey recalled how “gross” it was when Trump came into the dressing room of the Miss USA contest even though only the contestants and female chaperones were allowed in that area; Trump bragged about gawking at the girls on the Howard Stern radio show.

Rachel Crooks recalled working for a company that was based in Trump Tower. Crooks said she introduced herself to Trump once near the elevators, and he gave her a double-cheek kiss, but then held onto her hands and “kept kissing” her multiple times, including on the lips; Trump was married to Melania at the time.

Jessica Leeds recalled when Trump allegedly groped her between the legs and kissed her her while they sat next to each other on an airline in the 1970s. Leeds said when she ran into Trump years later, he called her a “c*nt.”

The White House denied the allegations.

(Source: NBC-TV)

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