‘The View’ Audience Cheers Paul Ryan Retirement, Meghan McCain Erupts In Anger

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan announced he would not be running for re-election, which brought applause from “The View” audience.

However, co-host Meghan McCain was upset by the cheering, which she said made her sad.

McCain went on to tell the audience how great Ryan was, but did not mention his opposition to health care, Social Security and other social safety net programs:

The cheering kind of surprises me a little bit because Paul Ryan is a politician of an era gone by. He was one of the most powerful congressmen between 2009 and 2016, before Trumpism sort of completely took over.

He was a really classic conservative, and this party is the party of Trump now. People like me who are old-school conservatives, we’re really on our way out — and it makes me really sad…

He gave a press conference saying he wants to spend time with his family — I believe him to a point. I believe he doesn’t want to deal with this anymore, and he doesn’t want to go home to his constituents in Wisconsin and try and explain some of the tweeting and the more incendiary things that President Trump is doing right now… 

We’re having Trey Gowdy on tomorrow, this is the bloodletting of classic conservatives. The people that are cheering. Do you know what comes in its place? Trumpism, and I assume if you don’t like Paul Ryan, you probably hate Trump more.

McCain failed to mention the millions of dollars that Gowdy wasted while investigating Hillary Clinton for years, but she went on to praise Mitt Romney who protested for the Vietnam War, but refused to fight in it:

So maybe don’t cheer when people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and Trey Gowdy, and people like Ben Sasse, who are, thank god, still in office, or maybe on their way out, because I assure you, what’s in its place you will like a lot less.

(Source: ABC-TV via YouTube)


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