Texas Sees Record 10,745 COVID-19 Cases in 1 Day, Morgue Trucks Are Ordered, ‘Pro-Life’ Gov. Greg Abbott Regrets Reopening in May

Texas health officials reported a record-breaking 10,745 COVID-19 cases in a single day on July 14, which broke the July 11 record of 10,351 cases, notes the Austin Statesman.

Newsweek reports that five counties in Texas — Austin, Cameron, Hidalgo, Nueces, Travis — have ordered refrigerated trucks to work as makeshift morgues amid the staggering number of deaths.

The morgue in Nueces County is already at full capacity, while Cameron County reportedly purchased a 53-foot refrigerated trailer.

The Texas Tribune reports that the number of people hospitalized has passed 10,500 under the watch of “pro-life” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott:

Under Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to revive the economy, businesses started reopening in May. But he paused further reopening plans and scaled back others in June. Recently, he told one TV station he regretted reopening bars too quickly.

The governor is looking at two specific metrics to justify his decision to allow reopenings — the positive rate and hospitalization levels.

(Sources: Newsweek, Austin Statesman, Texas Tribune)

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