Texas School Falsely Claims That Standing For Pledge Is ‘The Law’

In Texas, Midland High School students were shown a slide presentation on the Pledge of Allegiance that falsely claimed “it’s the law” to stand during the pledge and stay silent “during the Moment of Silence.”

Thomas N Jackie Davis posted a picture of the slide on Facebook on Sept. 13, and wrote:

So today at Midland High School they presented this to our students. There needs to be public outrage over this blatant lie. If you have a child that goes to a Midland public school & you believe in the freedom of speech, you need to contact the MISD and ask what the hell is going on!

KOSA notes the issue was settled decades ago in a 1943 Supreme Court ruling that found students could not be compelled to say or stand for the pledge.

The Midland Independent School District (MISD) official Woodrow Bailey added that if students do not want to stand for the pledge, their parents can fill out a form to remove them from class during the pledge, which also not true.

No forms are required per the Supreme Court ruling.

MISD claimed that the slide was “viewed out of context” even though it was read and reported on accurately.

(Source: KOSA, Thomas N Jackie Davis/Facebook)

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