Texas School Cop Throws Girl To Floor, Puts His Arm On Her Neck

A female student, Essence Prince, was taken down to the floor by a school police officer at a school  in Humble, Texas, on March 9.

The girl’s mother, Ebony Dawson, sent a video of the incident to citizen-journalist Ashton P. Woods.

Ebony said the officer threw her daughter to the ground in order to break up the fight, and then “he then proceeded to put his knee and elbow in her neck and head. From there she was handcuffed and thrown in to glass and drug her.”

Ebony said her daughter  “is being charged with two felony assaults to a public servant. One for spitting -which was coughing a reaction of being chocked. The other for hitting the officer.”

The Humble Police Department has not issued a statement.

(Source: Ashton P. Woods)

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