Texas Salon Owner — Who Told Judge She Stayed Open to Feed Her Kids — Received $18,000 In Stimulus Funds Before Her Court Date & Got $500,000 From GoFundMe

Shelley Luther, who refused to close Texas hair salon per state coronavirus guidelines to supposedly feed her kids, told “The View” on May 11 that she received $18,000 in stimulus funds days before her infamous court appearance on May 6, in which she claimed she had to stay open to feed her kids.

Luther told Dallas County State District Judge Eric Moyer on May 6: “I have to disagree with you when you say that I’m selfish, because feeding my kids is not selfish,” reports WOAI.

Luther also falsely claimed that Judge Moye believed the law was important than feeding kids.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin called out Luther on the stimulus money after Luther claimed government help was not coming:

You applied for small business loans and unemployment, and you did receive some aid from the government. You received $18,000 from the government.

So I understand why people feel so strongly about going back to work because they feel that the government isn’t doing its job and taking care of people, but in this instance, two days before you went to court, the money went into your account. So I’m troubled by that.

Luther claimed she had no idea what to do with the money she applied for and received through the Paycheck Protection Program:

What happened was I already had the court date, and I already had been open the entire time. There was $18,000 dropped in my bank account with no notice of what it was. So I get no instructions.

The rules for the Paycheck Protection Program were widely publicized and there is information online, but she claimed she doesn’t “know how I’m supposed to spend it“:

I didn’t want to put myself in deeper debt by spending it the wrong way, you know, and also having to close the salon. So until I got further instruction on that, I didn’t want to spend it.

Luther was also the beneficiary of a GoFundMe campaign — created back on April 23 one day before she reopened her salon — that raised more than $500,000 on her behalf, reports Texas Monthly.

Luther became a right wing hero when she defied coronavirus safety orders set in place Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Luther was briefly jailed after being found guilty of civil and criminal contempt for violating a temporary restraining order.

Luther was freed by the Texas Supreme Court, and her $7,000 fine, was paid by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, noted CBS News.

Luther was praised by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and right winger Charlie Kirk.

(Sources: CBS News, The View/YouTube, Texas Monthly, WOAI, SBA.gov, Bench Accounting, Investopedia)

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