Texas Refuses Help From Canada, Asks For Prayers Instead

Quebec, Canada’s Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre said she offered to send help to Houston because of the damage done by Hurricane Harvey, but Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos refused.

St-Pierre told CBC News that she offered to send equipment and crews to help restore power, as well as  blankets, beds, pillows and hygienic products.

Pablos refused the aid, and instead asked for “prayers from the people of Quebec,” St-Pierre recalled.

Hydro-Québec spokesperson Louis-Olivier Batty said: “Our crews are well-equipped and they have good knowledge of the grid so they can help to restore and rebuild the distribution lines.”

St-Pierre said Hydro-Québec sent 250 technicians after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

(Source: CBC News, Photo Credit: Texas Military Department/Flickr)

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