Report: Texas Prisoners Face Horrid Conditions After Hurricane Harvey, Retaliation For Reporting Them

Prisoners in Beaumont, Texas are reportedly facing unsanitary conditions following massive flooding from Hurricane Harvey. A federal prison and three state prisons were not evacuated despite the heavy flooding.

State prison officials claim that the water did not flood prisons in Beaumont, but prisoner Clifton Cloer told his wife, Rachel Villalobos, that he stood in water up to his kneecaps during the hurricane and faced the stench of backed-up toilets at the Federal Correctional Complex in Beaumont.

Villalobos recalled her husband’s phone call on Democracy Now:

He called me September 2nd from prison for the first time since August 27th. And he explained the amount of food they were getting, which was two sandwiches a day, eight ounces of water. He said that the prison did get water in it, that all the inmates are using the number one and number two in bags, just to reserve the toilet water, so they could drink the toilet water.

I explained to him, “Don’t drink the toilet water. Don’t drink that water in Beaumont.” You know, it has bacteria and all kinds of infestations in it. And he said, at this moment, he didn’t care. If the water didn’t kill him, then the situation was going to kill him. He said he was so dehydrated that when he woke up, his eyelids were sticking to his eyeballs. His tongue was sticking to the top of his mouth. That’s how severely dehydrated he was due to the lack of water.

Villalobos added that there has been retaliation against her husband for speaking out:

There is retaliation. I got confirmation that they’re retaliating on one prisoner already. And they’re starting to retaliate on my husband. And that’s really sad that these guards could be so corrupted like that. I mean, all we’re trying to do is just help them. And for them to retaliate like that on my husband is sad.

(Source: Democracy Now)

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