Texas Police Seize Woman’s Political Yard Sign After Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Complains

Police seized an anti-Republican campaign sign that Marion Stanford had in her yard in Hamilton, Texas.

The sign included the GOP elephant logo with its trunk up the dress of a female with the word “Help,” and the phrase “Your vote matters,” notes the Dallas Morning News.

Stanford’s sign was seized by the police after Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller claimed on Facebook that the female represented Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter.

However, Stanford, who actually painted the sign, denied that claim:

Here we have a political party that is using women. I thought the sign represented what is going on now, and we can’t just stand quiet. I wanted to tell people we could stop it with voting.

That was not Judge Kavanaugh’s daughter. The cartoon was made last year by Washington Post cartoonist Ann Telnaes, a Pulitzer Prize winner.

This is not something a reputable, respected politician would do. There’s nothing in my sign that remotely suggests it’s Kavanaugh’s daughter.

Stanford said she began to receive phone calls, was harassed on Facebook and then the police came to her house:

Police told me to remove the sign or they would take it and would arrest me. So I let them take the sign.

The city manager of Hamilton, Pete Kampfer, denied that police mentioned arrest or forcibly took the sign:

It’s political season, and a citizen here placed a yard sign that featured a political animal taking an inappropriate position with a young child. A police member visited the owner’s home, and the owner asked the officer to take the sign.

Southern Methodist University law professor and First Amendment expert Dale Carpenter said the sign is fully protected under the First Amendment:

There is no basis I can see for removing the sign. It’s not obscene, and no court would find it to be. You can say it’s offensive or distasteful, but that’s protected under the Constitution.Miller’s campaign spokesman, Todd Smith, also claimed — without proof — the little girl in the sign was meant to be Kavanaugh’s daughter:

It was vulgar and disgusting and had no place in someone’s yard. The Democrats are so distraught that a conservative might take a seat on the Supreme Court.

(Source: Dallas Morning News, Photo Credit: Marion Stanford/Facebook)

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