Texas Police Handcuff & Tase Innocent Autistic Teen ‘For Everyone’s Safety’

Two police officers handcuffed, Michael Moore, a 19-year-old with autism and then electrified him with a Taser near his home in Graham, Texas.

Police Chief Tony Widner said the officers thought he “might be under the influence of a controlled substance.”

Michael’s mother, Tracie Moore, told WFAA that the situation was “outrageous”:

I have been a resident my whole life. And Michael has too. This is where he born and raised.

Tracie aid the Moore family has met with police several times since the incident, but no one has apologized:

I was in tears. And now I’m angry. I watched the body cam footage. He told them, ‘My mama is inside. Let me get my mama.”‘

The incident began when a 911 caller claimed a man was throwing rocks at a home and a nearby fence.

Widner said in the news release that an officer began to interview Michael and “investigate the possibility that he might be under the influence of a controlled substance.”

Tracie said Michael approached officers in an area that’s essentially the backyard:

It really doesn’t take long conversing with him to figure out he has a disability. Now, he has a busted blood vessel in his eye. He had scratches and abrasions on both sides of his face.

Police  claimed that Michael was “sweating, breathing heavily, having difficulties focusing and acting paranoid,” none of which is illegal.

The officer made Michael perform a field sobriety test, even though Michael was not driving.

Widner said that Michael could not perform the (non-required) sobriety test “based on his erratic movements, behavior, and statements,” Widner said.

The police then handcuffed Michael “for everyone’s safety,” which escalated the situation.

When Michael pulled away from being handcuffed partially, police were now worried about a new tragedy.

They “feared the loose cuff could injure any one of them,” Widner said.

That’s when the police used a Taser to electrocute Michael twice.

After Michael was handcuffed and placed in a police car for no crimes, an officer went to the front door of the Moore family home. 

Tracie was stunned by the brutality and ignorance of the police:

It could’ve all been avoided. We’re just all in complete and sheer utter disbelief this could happen to him.

Widner defended the police violence against the innocent teen:

The Graham Police Department feels that it is important that this be investigated and the truth of what occurred revealed. At that point, whatever measures deemed necessary will be taken.

(Source: WFAA)

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