Texas Police Chief Says Burglary Suspects Face ‘Eternal Damnation’

The police department in Vidor, Texas, put a curfew in place to help stop looting after Hurricane Harvey.

The Vidor police chief announced on the department’s Facebook page on Sept. 8 that four burglary suspects, one of whom is a teen, are going to be punished with “eternal damnation.”

The chief later removed the posting, but not before the Friendly Atheist snapped a screenshot:

I would like to congratulate the diligence of the Midnight shift of the Vidor Police Department: On Friday morning Vidor Police Department located 3 adult residents and a 14 year old resident of Lake Charles that were looting and burglarizing homes in the Maplecrest Subdivision.

As I stated these people are the lowest of the low to steal from those that have lost so much. Eternal damnation shall be their final punishment.

(Source: Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit: Vidor Police Department/Facebook)

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