Texas Police Body-Slam Gay Student Who Was Being Bullied

A recently-surfaced school bus surveillance video shows police body-slamming a gay high school student in Killeen, Texas, in April 2016.

Two of the police officers are accused of excessive force in a federal lawsuit filed by the student “J.W.,” notes KWTX.

According to the lawsuit, a fight broke out between J.W. and a second student, “Travis,” who was allegedly “harassing J.W., in part, at least, because J.W. is gay.”

The lawsuit adds:

Travis picked a fight and physically assaulted J.W. in the back of the bus. J.W. attempted to defend himself. The bus driver pulled the bus over and called the police. The driver then separated the boys, bringing J.W. to the front, and leaving Travis in the back of the bus. The fight stopped.

The bus driver told the cops that Travis started the fight and asked the police to remove Travis, the lawsuit notes.

However, Travis allegedly accused J.W. of starting the fight, J.W. yelled back at Travis and two officers removed J.W. from the bus.

The cops are seen on the video body-slamming J.W. against the pavement.

The lawsuit counters the police report, which said J.W. resisted the officers:

Despite what the officers wrote in the police report, J.W. was not resisting, was not attempting to get away, and was not a threat to the officers or anyone else at the time J.W. was lifted off the ground and body slammed on the hard pavement. He did not threaten the officers or anyone else. J.W. was never given a chance to comply with any order, as no order or instruction was given.

A city spokeswoman told KWTX: “The City of Killeen does not comment on contemplated or ongoing litigation.”

(Source: KWTX)

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