Texas Man Threatens To Beat Latino High Schoolers For Speaking Spanish

An unidentified man was filmed on Sept. 18 threatening to beat some Latino high schools students for speaking Spanish in a parking lot outside an Applebees restaurant in El Paso, Texas.

The man shouted at the teens:

Piece of sh*t Mexicans do whatever the f*ck they want…. You’re wearing sombrero. I guarantee I can beat the sh*t out of all of you… I’d rather go to jail than live in an America where a piece of sh*t like you [lives].

A video of the incident was posted on Facebook by Jose Prieto who recalled the man’s behavior:

The problem, however, was a man on around his 30s who assaulted us. We were speaking Spanish in the restroom and this man just started calling us “S*itty Mexicans u should go back to your own country.”

We were surprised and shocked, that happened and that wasn’t the only thing. After we got out of the restroom he went to our table and aggressively threw a glass to the floor and said he would beat the sh*t out of us. We left right away and called our moms.

He insisted and came back to assault us again in the parking lot, luckily the manager stopped him from reaching us. We are high school freshmen and we were all shocked this happened. The video might be disturbing to some people for its aggressive content and i’s explicit language. The cops were advised.

According to KFOX, police received a call about an intoxicated person causing a disturbance, but by the time the cops arrived everyone had left the scene.

(Source: Jose Prieto/Facebook, KFOX)

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