Texas Man Moves Into His Car For Heat After His Home Loses Power for Days

Some North Texans have moved into their cars in order to keep warm after having their power cut for hours and days.

Clint Cash told KTVT his house lost power on Feb. 14:

I’m wearing several layers of clothes to keep my body warm. So pretty much since 5:30, 5:30 to 6 yesterday evening the electricity has been off.

I think it may have come back up around seven-thirtyish and then I went back down. I tried to stay in my bed but it’s hard to eat a lot of stuff because I had microwave dinners I had purchased in case I get stuck and I can’t use the microwave.

It was awfully cold and of course getting colder, but honestly I slept in all my clothes, pretty much what I’m wearing right now I slept in. I am taking it minute by minute day by day. I don’t plan on driving.

(Source: KTVT, Photo Credit: Clint Cash)

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