Texas Man Curses At People Who Oppose Confederate Monument: Jesus ‘F*cking Hates You’

An unidentified man cursed at two people, Jeremy and Tracey Parzen, who were peacefully protesting the Confederate Memorial of the Wind in Orange, Texas on Nov. 10.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans built the monument, and a member told KTHV that the group plans to add 32 flags to represent Texas regiments of the Confederate army, which fought for the slavery of black people.

Jeremy filmed the man’s unhinged rant and posted it on YouTube. THV11 refuses to post the video until it hears both sides of incident, which is clear and uncut on the video.

The man falsely claimed the couple needed a permit, and screamed at them for exercising their constitutional rights:

Why don’t y’all get out of here? What gives y’all the right to be f*cking protesting America?

…Free speech … Do y’all even have a permit to be out here?

It’s people like ya’ll that are destroying America’s history, cuz you’re damn dumb*ss Democrats.

The man said he took pride in the pro-slavery monument, and continued to rant:

Because it’s dumbass Democrats. Look what y’all are doing to our country. Y’all are a bunch of damn idiots. You try and destroy our heritage, you’re tearing down monuments because of y’all’s beliefs.

Y’all don’t give a damn about nobody’s beliefs but you damn own dumb asses. Y’all are f*cking idiots, and you don’t deserve to be in this God damn country. You don’t like it? Take your ass on.

…I’d feel better if you God damned Democrats would go to hell. That’s what I would feel better.

Y’all are pieces of sh*t and you’re out here — this is America’s heritage! And you don’t have a right to try and destroy it!

And that’s all you stupid son-of-ab*tches try and do. You’re worthless, you’re sh*t — you don’t like us? Get the fuck across the border! F*ck y’all!

Tracie told the man: Jesus loves you.”

The man replied:

Yeah, you’re damn right he does. But he f*cking hates you!

(Source: Jeremy Parzen/YouTube, KTHV, RepurposeMemorial.com)

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