Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tells Southern Baptists That ‘Some’ Are Trying To Silence Them, Fails To Offer Proof

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas told the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas that they were being silenced  by unidentified forces who are also trying to keep God out of the public square.

Abbott offered no proof of his bizarre Christian persecution claims:

Our country was founded on religious liberty, but America is at a time of crisis as some try to silence the faithful and remove God from the public square.

Texas has faced a great deal of adversity, but we’ve relied on our faith to overcome those challenges, which has brought us closer to God.

In the midst of challenges against people of faith, Texans have adopted the attitude, “pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on Texas.”

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination, with more than 47,000 churches; about 15,000 members were expected to attend.

A small group of protesters gathered outside the convention and held signs that read “End abuse now #metoo” and “Jesus never shamed women,” reports The Associated Press.

KTVT reporter Diana Rocco whitewashed Abbott’s speech as being about his faith, and failed to mention his unproven claim (video below). 

(Source: The Associated Press via KWTX, KTVT/YouTube)

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