Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Promises Dying Teen That All Abortion Will Be Banned

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas promised a dying teen on June 18 that abortion would someday be banned in the state.

Rusty Thomas, an anti-abortion activist, posted a video on Facebook, of his son Jeremiah Thomas, asking Abbott to grant his dying wish, which would force women to bear their rapist’s babies, give birth to stillborns, and give birth in incest situations.

The Friendly Atheist notes that Rusty heads  Operation Save America, a Christian group that opposes to abortion, gay people, Muslims and Hindus.

Jeremiah, who is suffering from bone cancer, told Abbott how he has been part of anti-abortion activism.

Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher also promised Jeremiah that he would end abortion in his state if elected, even though the procedure is legal per the U.S. Supreme Court (video below).

(Sources: Rusty Thomas/Facebook, Dan Fisher For Governor/Facebook, Friendly Atheist)

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