Texas Driver Cuts Off Foreign Student, Goes On Racist Rant

An unidentified older driver cut off a 24-year-old foreign student, and went on a racist tirade outside the Department of Motor Vehicles in Kingsville, Texas.

Huff Post notes the older man shouted at Texas A&M student Ali Alghamdi:

This is America, dumbass… You better learn how to drive in America. This isn’t Pakistan, bitch. This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait, motherf*cker…

This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait. We have rules in this f*cking country. You sound like a f*cking Arab.

Alghamdi recalled the incident on YouTube:

A road raging guy blocks me off in front of Kingsville DMV in Texas then gets out of his car to fight and threat. He asked me couple of times to get out of my car, and he kept using bad words and calling me bad names, then he said “Go back to your home country.”

This guy cannot even distinguish between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kuwait. He said that I am from Pakistan-even though I am not- because I sound Arab! I do not believe that the way he handled the situation is civilized, healthy or safe.

Therefore, I had to record the incident. It all started when he ran off the stop sign while I was driving on my way. After I started recording, he starts claiming that I was tailgating him which did not happen. He blocked me off literally then this happened.

(Sources: HuffPost, Ali Alghamdi/YouTube)

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