Texas Deputies Not Punished For Tasing Black Wheelchair-Bound Woman

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office cleared five deputies for tasing a black wheelchair-bound woman in Houston in November 2016 (raw video below).

Sheketha Holman, who was wheelchair-bund due to a back injury at the time, tried to film her daughters’ arrest at a gas station with a cell phone. 

Holman told WTRK that she was tased by the deputies, fell out of her wheelchair, was handcuffed and tased a second time:

And then, as I’m down on the ground, face down, next thing I know, my body is being Tased again. I’m not fighting or resisting I’m not doing anything.

A Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman denied the deputies tased Holman while she was handcuffed.

Holman was charged with resisting arrest and trespassing, but the charges were dropped by the district attorney.

Holman said she filed a complaint with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Division, and waited for over a year for a response:

Then, you just send me a letter in the mail two years later. Oh, oh, well, nothing is going to happen to them. They ain’t suspended. They can still work. They can still go out and do this to someone else.

Homan received a letter from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office on Feb. 26 in which the Harris County Sheriff’s Office cleared its own deputies of wrongdoing and said “no further action will be taken.”

Holman told KTRK: “Right is right and wrong is wrong.”

(Source: KTRK)

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