Texas Cops Pull Guns On Journalist For Filming Police Cars

Police officers recently pulled their guns and searched a journalist who was filming some police cars in Coppell, Texas, which the cops deemed to be “suspicious” behavior.

According to The Free Thought Project, “Patrick Roth, a journalist from News Now was filming outside of the Coppell police department” when the incident happened.

One officer shouted at Roth: “Put your hands on your head, get on your knees, and cross your feet!”

“You’re not under arrest,” the officer added. “But don’t move.”

The police searched Roth, who told them that it was not legal to search him because he was not accused of a crime.

Roth told the cops: “You can’t do that,” but a police supervisor identified as Sgt Matthews said, “I just did.”

The police tried to justify their actions on the unarmed journalist by saying “police officers get attacked all across the country.”

One cop claimed: “You understand that across the country, officers have been sniped coming out of the PD.”

There are no instances of police being shot or sniped “across the country” or “attacked all across the country.”

The only sniper attack in recent history happened in 2016 in Dallas.

2017 was actually one of the safest years for police in 50 years, noted USA TODAY.

(Sources: The Free Thought Project, News Now/YouTube, USA TODAY)

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