Texas Cop Used Taser on Black Man Pulled Over For ‘Dirty License Plate’

Police officer Kaleb Meyer resigned after video showed him using a Taser on a Black man, Clarence Crawford, who was pulled over for allegedly having a “dirty license plate” in New Braunfels, Texas in January, reports KSAT.

Meyer pointed a gun at Crawford while barking orders during the trivial stop: “Put your hands on the wheel!”

Crawford begged for his life: “Please don’t shoot me, officer! I’m Black. Please don’t shoot me!”

Meyer then pulled his Taser, forced Crawford to the ground and tased him multiple times.

Crawford was arrested, however, the charges were later dropped.

City officials claimed they were unable to release the video for 11 months because Meyer filed a complaint with the police department.

(Source: KSAT)

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