Texas Cop Slams Black School Girl Onto Concrete

A school resource officer was filmed slamming a teen girl onto a concrete sidewalk outside Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock, Texas on March 8.

Police said the female student was taken into custody because she attacked a girl on a school bus.

Police Chief Allen Banks told KXAN that his department would investigate the actions of his officer: “We’ll take the appropriate actions that we need to take if we find the officer did anything inappropriate.”

Deborah Fowler, the executive director at the Austin-based nonprofit Texas Appleseed, countered:

From the video, it’s very hard to see what the justification might have been for taking the student down to the ground the way that she was. In our research we’ve shown that black students in particular are over-represented in interactions with police, including uses of force.

(Source: KXAN/YouTube)

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