Texas Cop Shoots Man For Stealing His Own Pickup Truck

Newly-released police body cam video shows a police officer shooting a man twice for supposedly stealing his own pickup truck in Mesquite, Texas, on Nov. 8, 2017.

Former Mesquite officer Derick Wiley is now on trial for aggravated assault after shooting that Lyndo Jones in the back as he backed away, notes CBS News.

 According to police, Jones was shot after Wiley responded to a report of someone breaking into a pickup truck, setting off its alarm.

A 911 caller claimed a man trying to enter the pickup truck was acting erratically.

Wiley ordered Jones to the ground after finding him in the pickup truck.

Jones’ lawyer said Wiley put his foot on Jones’ neck, causing a pain that prompted Jones to get back to his feet.

Wiley reportedly told investigators that he thought Jones — who was running away — was armed: “I thought he was going to kill me.”

Jones, who was not armed, told jurors on Sept. 19 that he stopped in a parking lot because he had gotten lost on his way home from work, reports KXAS.

Jones admitted that he had been using marijuana and cocaine in his pickup truck before the shooting. He recalled what it felt like to get shot:

It felt like someone was pushing me down, holding me down but I was trying to run, you know when someone run and push you, that’s what it felt like. 

(Sources: CBS News, KXAS)

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