Texas Cop Pulls Gun On Unarmed Small Children, Police Use Video To Arrest Kids

A police officer was filmed pulling and pointing a gun at unarmed children in El Paso, Texas, on July 5.

The officer was allegedly trying to detain some children outside a recreation center while answering a call about juveniles trespassing at a vacant apartment.

The children cursed at the cop, who then threatened to hit them with his baton.

The cell phone video was filmed by an older child who was subsequently arrested.

El Paso police Chief Greg Allen said the incident in under investigation by internal affairs and will be examined by the discipline review board, reports USA TODAY.

While the community is outraged at the cop, El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles is concerned about the children’s language.

Wiles said that six children in the video were later arrested for a seven-child burglary filmed by security cameras at the county-run park on July 2, notes USA TODAY.

The kids allegedly stole a key from a park toll booth.

(Source: USA TODAY)

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