Texas Cop Kills Unarmed Man With Pants Around His Ankles

A Harris County deputy shot and killed and unarmed man who had his pants down to his ankles on March 22 in Houston.

The man, Danny Ray Thomas, was executed for acting aggressively and ignoring the deputy’s commands, according to the Harris County Sheriff Office.

A witness who filmed the incident, Kaaryn Young, was laughing about the situation until the officer shot Thomas.

A Houston Police Department spokesman claimed that Thomas had “some object” in his hand, notes the Houston Chronicle.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the deputy was driving through the area when he witnessed a verbal and physical altercation.

The deputy claimed that Thomas was acting erratic and aggressive — not a capital punishment crime in Texas — according to Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said the deputy tried to retreat, but Thomas advanced (with his pants down to his ankles).

Gonzalez said the deputy fired his gun one time.

Marketa Thomas, the victim’s sister, told reporters there was “no justification” for her brother’s death:

Knowing that he was OK when I woke up every day made me fine. And knowing that my brother is no longer here – you think I’m going to be fine? I’m not going to be fine. That’s my brother.

That’s my flesh and my blood. We’ve been through everything together. He had my back through everything. And he promised me he wouldn’t leave me, and he didn’t leave me. Somebody took him from me.

Gonzalez said the fatal shooting by his deputy of an unarmed man (with his pants down to his ankles) serves as “a reminder of how things could escalate in these situations.”

There was no gunfire at the scene until the deputy arrived.

Gonzalez also complained how his deputies, who have been involved in nine shootings in 2018 (more than many European nations), have such a difficult job:

Our deputies work in a very difficult environment where they have to make split second decisions to protect their lives as well.

(Source: Houston Chronicle, Kaaryn Young via LiveLeak)

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