Texas Cop Indicted for Assaulting Bystander Who Questioned Black Driver’s Arrest

Former police officer Nathaniel Brown was indicted for allegedly assaulting Skylar Gilmore who questioned Brown’s arrest of a black driver in Baytown, Texas, on June 2.

A viral video purportedly shows Brown throwing Gilmore to the ground and kneeing him in the face.

Gilmore and Isaiah Phillips, who filmed the incident, were arrested for using profanities in public, which the courts have ruled is not a crime, noted The Marshall Project in 2015.

Phillips recalled the assault to KHOU: “They slammed me on my friend Skylar’s hood, used my face to dent his hood. That’s not proper.”

Gilmore was also charged interfering with public duties.

After an investigation by the Harris County District Attorney’s office, all the criminal charges were dropped, but Brown was not charged for falsifying a police report, which would have included the bogus charges.

(Sources: KHOU, The Marshall Project)

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