Texas Cop Holds Black Man At Gunpoint For Filming From His Own Property

A video has surfaced of a police officer in San Antonio, Texas screaming and pulling a gun on a black man for legally filming an arrest from his own property.

The uncle of the black man told The Free Thought Project that his nephew was filming a traffic stop from on his own porch because the police were being rough with his friends.

In the video, the officer repeatedly yells at the man to “Come here!” waves a gun at him and shouts: “What part of ‘come here’ don’t you understand!”

“This is my home right here,” the man replies.

“I don’t care,” the officer says. “You don’t walk up on police like that.”

The video clearly shows the man did not walk up on police. He stood on his porch and legally filmed the police. The officer would repeat his false claim again.

The man asks: “Why are you going to do that to me? I am on my property.”

“Shut up dude,” the cop states. “You don’t walk up on police officers like that.”

(Source: The Free Thought Project)

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