Tense Confrontation Between Black Family and Armed White Anti-Coronavirus Safety Protesters in North Carolina

There was a tense confrontation between a black family and armed anti-coronavirus safety protesters in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 9.

Deonte Thomas told the protesters to stay away from his family, and he poked fun at them for carrying weapons.

One of the demonstrators, armed large pipe wrench, walked over towards Thomas, his wife and their children.

Thomas, an attorney for the Wake County public defender’s office, told The News & Observer that he feared for his family:

They are not protecting themselves. They are literally walking around terrorizing people.

I will question to the end of my days how I reacted or should have reacted. Could I have handled things differently? What is going to happen if someone reacts differently toward them?

I wish I was cursing and more aggressive with them in some parts of the video but that just gives them ammunition to say, “Look at this angry black guy out here cursing in the middle of the street in front of his kids.”

(Source: The News & Observer)

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