Tennessee Republican Party Uses Gay Couple’s Wedding Photo In Homophobic Attack Ad

The Tennessee Republican Party is using a gay couple’s wedding picture, without permission, to attack Democrat Gayle Jordan who’s running for State Senate District 14

The legal same-sex wedding was officiated by Jordan.

The Tennessee Republican Party sent out a flier with the wedding picture of Air Force veteran Shane Morgan and his husband Landon.

The flier includes a fear mongering message: “Liberal Gayle Jordan will ‘destroy the fabric of American society.’ Take her word for it.”

Morgan, who suffers from PTSD, told WSMV that the wedding picture was lifted by the Tennessee Republican Party from his Facebook page without permission:

To see our picture on our wedding day being used in such a vile manner, it’s taken that special moment and ruined it. Ruined it. Very hurt. Very hurt.

A rep for the Tennessee Republican Party claimed the flier is meant to highlight Jordan’s Facebook post that jokingly said: “Doing my part to destroy the fabric of American society.”

The rep insisted the mailer doesn’t have anything to do with the gay couple, but failed to mention that the gay couple owns the copyright to their photo.

Morgan and his husband have hired attorney Sunny Eaton who is taking legal action against the Tennessee Republican Party.

Morgan said the unauthorized use of the photo is causing him stress:

I’m under a lot of stress, and with my PTSD, it’s just flaring up even worse. I hate it. Don’t use people’s private personal pictures to smear your opponent.

(Source: WSMV)

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