Tennessee Republican: Health Care For Poor People Stops Them From Becoming Christians

Republican State Sen. Mark Green of Tennessee claimed in 2015 that health care for poor people stops them from becoming Christians, so he refused to vote his state’s plan to expand Medicaid to needy ill people, reported The Tennessean.

Video of Green’s bizarre speech was tweeted by his Justin Kanew, his Democratic opponent, on Sept. 13.

The Friendly Atheist, transcribed Green’s rant, who falsely claimed  “every person who came to Christ came to Christ with a physical need.”

Green also pushed the false notion that government aid somehow stops churches from helping people:

People go to God because of a physical need and they walk away with a spiritual need met. That’s the story of the Gospels.

And so government has stepped in, at least in this country, and done all the work for the church. And so the person who’s in need — they look to the government for the answer.

Not God. And I think, in that way, government has done an injustice that’s even bigger than just the entitlement — creation of an entitlement welfare state. I think it’s even bigger.

And in this setting, I’ll share the story… I think it interrupts the opportunity for people to come to a saving knowledge of who God is.

(Source: Justin Kanew/Twitter, Friendly Atheist, The Tennessean)

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