Tennessee Police Tase Nurse in ER, Video Catches Cops Lying In Their Report

Police used a Taser on a nurse who refused to leave the emergency room inside the Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on April 26.

Davis, who was tased by police, is being charged with  two counts of assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, WTVC.

Witness Ethan Raymond, who filmed the attack in the ER, told WTVC that the cop provoked the nurse:

When they pulled out the Taser, that’s when the nurse said he had a heart condition. [The cop] was way out of line. I just know what I saw was the cop that’s supposed to diffuse it and instead she was the aggressor from what I saw.

The police report claims Davis was swinging his arms and fists, and hit one of the officers in the face, but 
Raymond says that false:

It’s the cop who hit him in the face, it’s the other way around.

[The nurse] was trying to leave but the [cop] kept stopping him, it was almost like she was wanting to pick a fight.

Hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Tittsworth thanked the Chattanooga Police Department “for containing the situation,” even though the video and the witness show the police escalating the situation.

(Sources: Ethan Raymond/Facebook, WTVC)

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