Tennessee Pastor Says Atheists Fight God Because They Secretly Believe In God

Pastor Greg Locke of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, claimed on Dec. 15 that atheists secretly believe in God.

Locke claimed, without any proof, that atheists blame God “that they don’t even believe in.”

Locke insisted in an angry tone that God existed despite storms, rape, murder and starvation, and said that God forgives sins, but doesn’t remove consequences.

It’s not clear why rape and murder victims should suffer consequences, per Locke’s logic.

Locke went on to claim that atheists fight about a non-existent God because they believe God exists:

How many atheists do you know that want to fuss and fight with you about trolls, and about Smurfs, and about fairies? None of them. They all want to fight about God. Why? Because you don’t fight stuff that’s non-existent. You fight stuff, that, in your conscience, you know is existing.

I’m here to tell you, you have no morality except for the God code that has been placed within you. Every man is born with the light of Christ. So at the end of the day, you can say you don’t believe in God, but the truth is, God doesn’t believe in atheists.

As a matter of Biblical record, there is no Bible verse that says “every man is born with the light of Christ,” nor is there any verse that says “God does not believe in atheists.”

After failing to provide proof of his claims, Locke claimed that atheists don’t want accountability or responsibility for their actions. Locke insisted that was God going to get his glory “with or without you.”

The Friendly Atheist replied:

The reason atheists don’t waste time talking about fairies is because no one believes in them. We don’t base public policy on what the Smurfs want. We don’t have someone in the White House who listens to trolls. (Actually, on second thought…)

Atheists never really fight “God.” We fight belief in God because it’s harmful in so many ways. It’s because of religion — specifically the dominant strain of white evangelical Christianity — that Donald Trump landed in the White House, that so many LGBTQ people have been denied civil rights, and we continue lagging when it comes to science education. There’s good reason to push back.

If you’re gullible enough to believe in God, you’re more likely to fall for a lot of other forms of irrational thinking. Like believing we’re only good because there’s some God-shaped hole in our hearts. As we’ve made clear so many times, the least religious nations in the world are the happiest, least violent places on Earth.

And by the way: Of course God doesn’t believe in atheists. He’d have to exist before He could have thoughts.

Here’s an important lesson for Locke: Confidence and ignorance are a bad mix. You should try learning something before pretending you’re an expert on camera.

(Sources: Friendly AtheistPastor Greg Locke/YouTube)

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