Tennessee Deputy ‘Interrogates’ Black Home Health Nurse Who Cares For White Patient

A black home health nurse, Stephanie Martin, was reportedly interrogated by a Williamson County Sheriff’s deputy while caring for a white patient in Tennessee.

The Sheriff’s Office told WSMV the deputy was responding to a call from a neighbor about a suspicious person walking door to door.

Martin noted on Facebook that the deputy didn’t believe she was a home health nurse:

My patient again confirmed that I was suppose to be there. I had nursing equipment my work bag with my company logo on it. I had on scrubs and everything stethoscope hanging from my neck, she still was not convinced.

Martin said she went to her car to grab her ID to prove she is a nurse:

She continues to question me to the point where I said okay I’m calling my company. Immediately I request my boss. With the phone on speaker, my boss immediately asked are y’all saying she looked suspicious because she’s black. The sheriff says no.

Martin said the deputy made her stay for five minutes after two more squad cars pulled up before allowing her to leave:

The treatment you gave was uncalled for. The way you handled the situation was unprofessional,your attitude was disrespectful. You are a racist, treating innocent people like they don’t have the right to be in certain areas. I honestly don’t feel like you deserve a badge.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office confirms it is investigating and looking for video or audio of the incident.

(Source: WSMV), Stephanie Martin/Facebook

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