Tennessee Cop Tases Innocent Man, Asks Other Cops To Help ‘Make Up’ Charges

Officer Cody Thomas tased an innocent man, Nate Carter, pointed a firearm at Carter and falsely arrested him in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 13, 2018.

WTVC reports that a neighbor called 911 about a man named “Polo,” who was allegedly waving a gun around; Thomas arrived and mistook Carter for the suspect.

On a police body cam video, Thomas is heard telling other officers that he is going to charge Carter with “resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.”

Thomas then asks the other cops “if you guys can help me make up anything else?” 

Carter is now suing Thomas for alleged assault and false arrest.

Asst. Chief Glen Scruggs said in a case summary that he found Thomas used force outside of the department’s standard guidelines, submitted official reports that contained false and misleading information, showed willful indifference to complaints of a prisoner and displayed behavior and used language during his interaction with citizens that was unnecessary and unprofessional.

(Source: WTVC)

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