Tennessee Cop Involved in High-Speed Crash, Caught Speeding Again

No charges were filed against Algood, Tennessee, Police Officer Christopher Ferguson in January for when he crashed into an elderly couple.

Ferguson was off-duty when he was speeding at about 60 mph when he T-boned James and Rena Cryer’s vehicle in Smithville, Tennessee, in May 2017.

Rena told WSMV: “I just said, ‘Help us be ready if this is it, Lord.’”

James was thrown from the vehicle, but survived.

Ferguson was caught recently caught speeding again, this time at night on wet streets by Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero and a radar expert.

Ferguson was clocked going over 70 mph in a 40 mph zone, 80 mph in a 30 mph zone and 105 mph in a 65 mph zone.

WSMV noted that the Tennessee Highway Patrol investigated the May 2017 accident and found that Cryer failed to yield, and Ferguson was traveling up to 26 miles over the speed limit:

If the officer had been driving the posted speed limit… the collision would have been avoided.

District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway refused to press criminal charges:

Both of them did things they shouldn’t have done, and both of them violated the law. They violated the rules of the road.

WSMV found that “while Ferguson worked for Cookeville Police Department, he damaged his patrol car while driving on black ice, changing lanes, hitting a stop sign and hitting a mail box. After records reveal Ferguson hit a semi truck, the department recommended Ferguson be terminated or resign.”

(Sources: WSMV, Inside Edition/YouTube)

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