Televangelist Pat Robertson Suffers Stroke, Saved By Medical Science

Televangelist Pat Robertson suffered a stroke on Feb. 2, and was rushed to the nearest stroke center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Robertson — who has advised other people to get prayer for their illnesses instead of medical care — was placed under the care of a neurologist/stroke specialist who ordered an MRI to determine the cause of the stroke and the location of the blood clot, notes CBN.

The neurologist and the hospital team used the clot-busting drug tPA — not prayer — about 80 minutes after the onset of symptoms.

Thanks to scientific medical breakthroughs, Robertson was awake and able to move all of his limbs.

In 2006, Robertson claimed that God punished Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a stroke, noted USA TODAY.

There was no mention of God punishing Robertson with his stroke, but the neurologist claimed that the rapid recovery — caused by medical science — was a “tPA miracle.”

The Friendly Atheist countered:

Modern medicine working isn’t a miracle. Robertson should be grateful that he could rely on skilled doctors instead of thoughts and prayers. (In 2015, he awkwardly rationalized his way through a viewer’s question about why Christians should visit doctors if they were supposed to have faith.)

Obviously, the jokes write themselves. I’m not playing that game. But keep in mind that, a few months ago, Robertson blamed the mass shooting in Las Vegas on a lack of respect for Donald Trump and God.

Makes you wonder what the hell Robertson did that God is punishing him with a stroke…

Give it until next week, I’m sure he’ll just blame the stroke on gay people.

(Sources: CBN, Friendly Atheist, USA TODAY)

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