Televangelist James Robison Says Trump Is Proof That God Answers Prayers

Televangelist James Robison claimed on Feb. 23 that the election of President  Donald Trump is a sign that “God is answering the prayers of praying people.”

Robison, a key spiritual adviser to Trump, posted a video on Facebook in which he called on Christians to pray against Trump’s opponents who “need to be prayed out of office and replaced by someone who understands freedom’s principles because we are losing freedom, there is an all-out assault on the freedoms our Founding Fathers understood,” notes Right Wing Watch.

Robison went on to claim that the election of Trump — who lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by three million votes — was an answer to prayers:

We are a democracy, in that we choose our leaders. That means you have got to choose wisely and you have got to be led by God. And when you are praying and you get a leader, that leader is either there to bring correction or judgment on the people. I believe that God answered our prayers mercifully and, in mercy, is giving us a healing of the land. I believe we are seeing a miracle right now.

Robison claimed that Trump “proclaims the truth of God’s word consistently” and never wavers:

In 55 years of public ministry, I have never, never, by anyone, been received with such gratitude, with such appreciation, and even meekness, a desire to learn. You know what I see? I see God accomplishing His word. I see the power of God and the prayers of God’s people being answered.

Robison made no mention of Trump’s verbal attacks against women, minorities, gold star families, POWs and people with disabilities.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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