Teen’s Racist ‘Freddie Gray’ Halloween Costume Sparks Outrage

Some students and former students of Baltimore, Maryland-area schools were photographed wearing racist Halloween costumes.

A white boy and girl dressed as inmates in one photo, which reportedly included a racial slur; they attend Roland Park Country School and Gilman School.

A white teen wearing a “Freddie Gray” prison  jumpsuit is a former student of the Boys’ Latin School.

A white shirtless boy was photographed with a racial slur and Nazi swastikas on his back.

An unidentified person posted the pictures on Facebook to shame the racist youngsters, which apparently worked with the girl who issued an apology, notes WJZ:

I know what I wore was completely inappropriate and I understand everyone’s anger towards me but I just wanted to tell you something. I promise on my life that both [redacted name] and I did not write “Freddie grey” on the back of our shirts.

I would never do that, that is horrible. When I was dressing in costume I was trying dress like the girl from oitnb [Orange Is The New Black] and I realize now that the way I dressed was completely unacceptable. I’m extremely sorry for what I did and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself.

I know this apology is not going to redeem myself at all, but I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for offending you. I truly did not mean for my costume to be disrespectful but looking back on it I should have realized how messed up my costume was. But I promise I would NEVER write Freddie grey on the back of my shirt. I’m really sorry.

Some of the schools attended by the young people issued statements even though they had nothing to do with the photos.


(Source: WJZ)

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