Teens Film And Post Fake School Shooting Videos, Get Arrested For Terroristic Threats: Report

Three teenagers and a ten year old were charged with making a terroristic threat after they allegedly filmed and posted two mock school shooting videos on social media in Albany County, New York.

One of the student’s friends saw the video and sent it to the school’s superintendent who then notified police. Sheriff Craig Apple WTEN. that the youngsters are students in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school district:

They were mocking their classroom and you can see the one kid sitting at what appears to be a desk and they talk about a teacher and racism and they mention the N word a few times. Then incomes somebody shooting them up and you can see the girl trying to hide… pulls the girl out and shoots her a few more times.

Apple said he considers the video a credible threat even though the students reportedly used fake weapons and blood:

They are young and people will think well they’re just kids. This is above and beyond being kids, this is graphic. It shows them shooting guns and killing people as well as some of the racist remarks that are being mentioned.

Due to the students’ ages, they have been released back into custody of their parents and police are searching their homes.

Apple said more people will be charged with real crimes if they stage fake scenarios:

This is gunna be taken as serious as we can. There’s no warnings. You will be charged and you will be prosecuted to the fullest. We are not concerned about how old you are. You cannot do this and expect to get away with it. This should be a lesson learned to anybody out there who is thinking of doing something so stupi

(Source: WTEN)

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