Teens Carve ‘KKK’ Into Pancakes To Target Black Waitress

A group of teens carved the letters “KKK” into some pancakes at an IHOP in Sherman, Texas. 

Waitress Tenasha Ballard told KXII that she was serving four high school kids, and was getting them a to-go coffee cup.

Ballard said that when she returned to there table, teens were gone and the racist message was in the food:

At the moment I’m like I don’t believe this. I’m seeing this wrong. So I went to the tables at the front and said what do you see on this plate? What letters are these? And they said KKK. And I said I thought so.

Ballard said she took a photo of the racist message with Snap Chat, and posted it on Facebook:

I just can’t get over it because these kids we were just joking, And then it got serious and I’m like how. How? Like what was it besides my skin color that made you think this was going to be funny.

Ballard said the young men were wearing their school jackets:

Everyone was trying to point blame like I’m calling out the town when I didn’t the kids called out their own town. For them to come out in their school colors and disrespect someone because no one is going to do anything then they knew that they could do that. They felt like they could.

IHOP was asked by KXII for surveillance video of the incident, but the corporate office refused by saying the incident  is under investigation.

The boys’ school also distanced itself from the racist students.

Ballard said it was the second racist comment that night: 

They just crushed my spirit. I didn’t know what to do after that.

Respect people. It’s one of the things that I was always taught. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it. Don’t spell it in food. Don’t say it.

(Source: KXII)

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