Teen Says Missouri Pastor Pulled Gun On Him, Pastor Does Not Deny

A 17-year-old boy, Quinton Graham, claims that Pastor Frank Ross pulled a gun on him at the Apostolic Revival Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ross told WDAF that the teen made “terroristic threats against his congregation,” but no one in the congregation filed police charges against the teen.

Quinton countered:

I never disrespected him nor was I disruptive when I was at that church.. All I did is say, “We are sheep and not goats” [a verse from the Bible} and that hurt him, I guess. I think as a preacher he should have handled it differently. Just by me saying we are sheep and not goats made him react the way he did.

Quinton’s mother, Jovanna Graham, added: “My son was not disrespectful at any time, and he was not refusing to leave that church.”

Ross leveled more accusations at the teen:

The things that he said — I have never in my ministry heard anyone defame God, defame the ministry and defame the church like he did.

He was laughing. He was jeering. He was openly talking to his sister. He spoke out loud when I asked him to be quiet.

Ross said when Quinton refused to be silent, so Ross asked the ushers to remove the teen from the church.

Quinton said he tried to walk out on his own, but at least 10 men and teenagers grabbed him:

They grabbed me, grabbed my arm, grabbed my shirt. When one of those grown men twisted my arm, I swung on him, and things really got crazy.

Ross denied that as well:

None of our men assailed him, but this young man did assault our ushers. He hit a male usher three times, one time in the face full on and two times in the head.

Quinton said Ross pointed a gun at his forehead and threatened to shoot him in the church parking lot:

Yes, he threatened my life. He said, ‘I will kill you,’ and I said, “Do it.” And after that, that’s when I just really started going off.

Ross refused to deny pointing a gun at the teen:

I will not comment to that. I will say we did try to deescalate the situation, and it got out of control to the point we were uncomfortable. If there’s anything I regret is that I could not help this young man.

Both sides have filed police reports.

(Source: WDAF)

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