Teen Girl Speaks Out Against Confederate Flag, Gets Harassed By Students, Adults

Samantha Denamur, a student at Elcho High School in Wisconsin took a picture of another student wearing a Confederate flag sweatshirt, and reported the pro-slavery symbol to the principal on Sept. 10.

The student was no longer wearing the shirt by the end of the day, but now Samantha is being harassed by other students at school and by adults in the community.

The principal said the school district won’t tolerate harassment or intimidation of any students, but Samantha’s mother Wendy told WSAW that’s exactly what’s happening:

She’s getting harassed quite a bit at school by people she thought were her friends. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about what that symbol is. It’s a little bit embarrassing for the school and the community that they don’t have that sensitivity about it, because life happens and it’s bigger than this little town.

Samantha said that she was standing up for students who were offended by the racist symbol, but were too scared to speak up:

I feel they were afraid to say something because they were going to be targeted, but they messaged me saying thank you and tt they support what she is doing.

I think this has always been in this community and we need to start evolving and realize this isn’t just a white community. Even if it was, hate toward other cultures is never okay.

While Samantha was interviewed by WSAW, adults driving trucks with confederate flags started circling the area, and shouted at her and her mother.

(Source: WSAW)

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